Parker's An Anarchist

by False Idols

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All these songs are named after people that asked to have songs named after them and I'd like to thank all of them for being so cool.

"This is Steal Reserve's first cassette release, very limited amount so get them while you can! This is heart-felt folk punk from Matt Gibson in his most ambitious release to date, one of our most favorite folk punk albums of this year! We are excited to work with Matt and hope you all support and download his music because there is a lot more and it will only get better from here!" - SRR


released March 15, 2015

All songs written and preformed by Matt Gibson
Album artwork by Nicholas Gibson
Additional Vocals on track 5 by Kyle Zugel, Colleen Maher, and Andrew Wolverton
Drums on track 10 by Dan Hayes



all rights reserved


Steal Reserve Records Chicago, Illinois

DIY record label founded in Chicago in 2014 to promote local indie music.

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Track Name: Jadyn Gwen Stacy
I learned a lot of things about myself I didn't know were true that night
You called me over baring. Well I'm starting to think that your were right
There's a light at the end of this tunnel
Get in a car we'll drive towards it I know it can't be too far

Ever since the day that you left. I've been thanking god under my breath.
To watch you go like the hope like the friends I thought i had
Like the stab in the back again and again

Maybe we can go until something ends

And I've been holding anger in my throat
Bleeding gums and disappointed look on your face
It's a race it's a death sentence with a beating heart
And I can't wait 'till the day I get to watch you fall apart
Track Name: Jaymie Aaron
It must be real hard to live uncomfortable in your own skin
Walking around like your in the wrong skeleton
But it's great to know you're happy and alive and smiling
In every photo I've seen of you recently
And I know it's dumb to judge your happiness based on those poses
In front of landmarks that you come across
But I need closure since you left this town
there were so many things that I never said

You shaved your face before you left
You said that you were not the man you were
born to be
So I hope you're happy I hope you smile
In your new town with your new friends in
Your new skin
Track Name: Jim Michalik
Sometimes jerks get by in life without repercussions. Things get better or so I've been told. I don't know.
Track Name: Jennifer Huber
When you leave forever and we never see each other
(Please stay in touch)
Cause I'm no good with change, but I have a lot of time so
(I'm in no rush to ever grow up)

The aftermath is killing me
So won't you please promise me
That when you're gone when you leave
That you'll stay in touch

It started with a song or two now I've written too much for you
(Please stay in touch)
And this song sucks just like the rest, but it's 3am and I'm a mess
(it's just too much my incompetence is a crutch)

(Chorus again)


(Chorus again)

Please don't try to tell me in another awkward lie
that nothing's really changed and that everything's alright
I remembered all your words cause your words amount to none
Cause your off with your friends in a better skeleton


I know I'm making a big deal but please stay in touch
You drove down that highway and we never saw you again
In my opinion I think that's how you wanted it
Track Name: Paul Sackman
I asked a preacher how I should live my life
He said it doesn't really matter cause everybody dies
So I sat around and wondered what it must feel like
To decompose into piles of bones in front of your eyes

and I

Called some old friends and told them
I'm sorry for the way I act sometime
and every fight we ever had chances are you were always right

And I realized I could miss when you were seen empty
And I had forgotten what I was gonna say
You were dressed up in the latest fashion statements
of a brain dead generation
that prides it self on it's lack of communication (this line makes me sound like and old person)

I tried to say hi but you

Never bothered looking my way
I started to say goodbye
In case you ever listen to what I say

Why do all the people I love the most always hate themselves the most?

Im trying not to be such an asshole to my friends
I'm playing ghost in the graveyard on every weekend

I asked a preacher how I should live my life he said it doesn't really matter cause everybody dies
Every body dies Everybody dies
okay okay I get it now everybody dies
and I am no exception to the rules of life
Cause everybody dies
Track Name: Kyle Zurtle
Sitting in a town where no one knows my name as the sun beat down on my burnt face and I look at these people as they go through the routine as they go to work it occurs to me that we're all bags of blood, flesh, bone, and teeth and some of these bags got the idea to put us in cages to fight wars that they wage and we won't have a say in whatever we do today

Sitting in a town where no one knows my name and I feel like we're pieces in a big cosmic in a house or a home or a grave or a tomb we put skeletons in boxes cause they need a home too I am young I am weak I hope I want die in vain I find reasons to love I find reasons to hate the world that we live in and I hope that one day I will be strong enough to provoke some positive change
Track Name: Chuck Hammond
I learned more about you from your obituary
Then I ever did from you talking to me
Hell did you ever even talk to me?
You were laid out for us to see
In a wooden box so comfortably
lined with satin or velvet or something
it was the
fist time I ever saw you at ease

Smoke filled room full of smoke filled lung
Inhaling death exhaling some
Philosophy on how they'll stay young
and the cancers growing inside their lungs
won't kill them until they're ready to (die)
Throwing up in a stranger's bathroom
A stranger that I've known for years
The one that laughed at all of my jokes
But not all of those were meant to be jokes
Just the awkward passings the quick goodbyes
The silence, sins, the room around me

The lines and wrinkles on your face contorted into words
And told me all the stories that I had never heard
You were laying on the bed you asked how I've been I said I've been just fine
I kept my hands in my pockets
And I don't remember the last thing I said to you
I just remember my hands shaking when I stepped into your room
Now I'm afraid to see the bodies the tombstones in the grass
The perfect grids of storage for the people who had passed

The stories that you kept inside
are gonna rot and grow or be food for the flies
Track Name: Cesar Martinez (ft. Dan Hayes on the drums)
It seems like things are always getting colder
and it will be like this forever
but it won't
And under
better circumstances would this
have turned out better then it did
God dammit I don't ever shut my mouth

And in the summer
So far away from right now
Do you think that you'll still be around?
If I don't stammer on the words again
Stop pretending in this skeleton that
things are okay right now

How have you been?
Looks like I'm doing this again.
Less childish then before I guess
But that's not that big of an accomplishment
Cause I'm still kicking and screaming like a kid


Cause It feels like
I'm just wasting my god damn time
making songs that I want you to hear
So I'll pretend that things aren't all that different
That the lines between now and then haven't
Really changed at all

(Emo breakdown):
God dammit I don't ever shut my mouth
Is this what growing up's about
Fucking up Fucking up Fucking up
Fucking up
I'm really fucking up